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Divisions & Movement Standards

If you are capable of achieving 70% or more of the requirements of a division, then that is the right division for you.

The foundations/scaled division is inclusive for those who are new to CrossFit. The expectation is that the athlete will be able to perform basic gymnastics movements, and foundational barbell lifts. 

There may be scaled options given for this division. If you choose the scaled movement, you will score below the athletes who do the prescribed movement. For Example: DU's prescribed in the workout - the scaled option would be single unders If you choose to do Single unders rather than the DU's your score will be under the athletes who did DU's.

Movement Standards:

-Ring Rows
-Hand Release Push-ups

-Sandbag 70/50
-Ground 2 OH (F 45/35) (S 95/65)
-Thruster / Snatch (F 45/35) (S 75/55)

PLEASE NOTE: This list is a guideline, not an exhaustive list of all movements, that may not be programmed. it's an accumulation to give you an idea of the best division to sign up for.

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